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  • About this server
    This is where all the fun begins!

    Firelife is a community that has been around for a very long time. It all started back in the good old Counter-strike: source days where we had one of the largest server community's in the danish CS:S world. We don't have any game servers but we are proud of our community because we still are united with those from the good old days and because we are still growing as a gaming community.

    Are you looking for a New Community to spend your time with?

    Firelife is a great place to spend your time.
    A great place to meet new buddies to play games with or just chat with.
    There is almost always someone to find in our channels.

    What you can look forward to:

    -We are hosting giveaways from time to time
    -A Happy and welcoming community that greets new members with nothing but kindness
    -A community where there is always something to do. Watch a movie, listen to music , chat, chilling, play games, and so much more
    -Active members there is always someone ready to spend time online with
    -: A very streamer friendly community open for partnerships and looking forward to promoting your content