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  • About this server
    ◈──────◈ Fire Blazer Community ◈──────◈
    We are run by community volunteers, for the community itself! Feel free to join, look around, and we hope you have a wonderful time.

    This server was created on 21 February 2016!

    We have a lot to offer you as a user, with such things as;
    ★ Many bots to entertain yourself
    ★ No NSFW content
    ★ A meme channel
    ★ A peaceful community that allows drama, cursing and etc as long it stays on a certain line
    ★ Partnerships and all that related to it
    ★ An organized server that even OCD people approved it
    And so much more!

    We are searching for more members, staff, partnerships to join us! We need you! Spread the love!

    P/S: I just got time to improve this server after 5 months because I bought this account back from a hacker. So I'm so happy if any of you can help me set up this server and get more members. I appreciate any helps.