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  • About this server
    A corporate-themed fun, comfortable server to enjoy in - for you and your friends 🤍🤍

    The server is incorporated with:
    ✅ Verification and Automod (soon)
    🪞 A clean organised set of channels & categories
    ❤️‍🩹 Selfies, Creations, Achievements, & Wellbeing panels with organised auto-threads.
    🗽 Customised roles such as bio, demographics, & hobbies
    🤑 Free game notifications from `7` platforms
    🎉 Giveaways (soon), Game bots, & a ton of Utility bots.
    ⬆️ Rewards for contributing to the server's growth incl. Voting, Inviting, & Boosting (XP Boosts, Roles, Nitro [soon])
    🗓️ Events incl. movies, music sessions, & game streams (coming soon)

    Hope you find this corner of discord (& the world) suited to your taste.

    Love, ViBe