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  • palette Arts server
  • About this server
    Our community is meant for creatives and creators with all types of skill sets to come together and share ideas, receive feedback, collaborate on projects, network, and even look for work/freelancers.

    Our server is diverse in skills and occupations from programmers, game developers, 2d/3d artists, composers and musicians, animators, and architects to project managers, marketers, and more.

    The goal of our server is to have a friendly and helpful community where people can not only find others in the same field as them to learn and progress in their career or hobby but also for people to broaden their knowledge by learning from others in fields they may not know much about. We encourage questions, critiques, feedback, and community engagement and involvement.

    When requested, we offer contests for peer review and feedback, workshops from members who are willing to share their experiences, and other events for members to engage and network with each other.